2015 MJSA Online Design Challenge

"A Little Piece of Home" Online Design Challenge

Earlier this year I was asked to compete in the 2015 MJSA Online Design Challenge. Every year, the trade publication MJSA hosts a design competition based on a fictional scenario. This year's "A Little Piece of Home" is centered around a large oval purple sapphire inherited by a young woman who takes care of her 2 brothers and her father. 

The competition is done as a creative brainstorm and the piece is never actually created. They require a rendering (sketch, detailed drawing, computer aided design) of the piece to then judge among the other competitors. 

I decided to create my rendering using my CAD (computer aided design) software. I began by brainstorming what kind of piece this young woman would wear based on the clues in the story. Certain words jumped out at me such as "clean" and "simple". I wanted to create something that she could wear everyday or dress it up on a special night out. It was also important for me to incorporate certain elements to signify the special people in her life. 

My final design was a platinum ring featuring the main purple sapphire set in two wraps/partial bezel. I set it sideways (horizontal) for a more contemporary feel. The purple sapphire also sits as close to the finger as possible, as to be a more functional ring. 

I was able to incorporate her loved ones by adding some accents. I flush set two round diamonds on either side of the sapphire. These diamonds represent her father and late mother. They are flush set to add to the modern design and also protect the diamonds from normal everyday wear. Next I added two 14k yellow gold accent bars on either side of the ring shank. This is probably one of my favorite design elements of the ring. The two 14ky bars represent her two brothers and add a really nice design touch. It provides contrast; not only as a two-tone effect, but also adds texture. I am seeing a trend in the jewelry trade with two tone jewelry. This yellow metal added onto the white platinum is a subtle element that nicely adds to the design. 

At the end of the year, MJSA will look to the public to vote on their favorite design. They are posting a new design every month through November. 

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